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Cargo Split and Auto Trim Software
Cargo Split and Auto Trim Software

The most practical and cost effective way to retrofit your existing Loading Program without requirement of Class Approval. Please consider that this powerful Module is provided as Stand Alone Option on top of your existing, already, approved Loading Program and in that way a sophisticated and care-free tool for instantaneous calculation of optimum cargo distribution for achieving the most efficient Trim.
This function is particularly useful during the last stages of actual Cargo Loading operation in the port. Given a quantity of cargo that is yet to be loaded, with this stand alone program the Ship Operator can calculate how the Master should split the given quantity between two compartments in order to attain a given Trim.
For instance, in case we have 1000 MT of cargo to be loaded, while the Drafts (from a Draft Survey) are known, how much cargo should be loaded in the first compartment and how much in the second one. You must ensure that the compartment chosen have enough space to accommodate the cargo. In the event that the two selected compartments cannot accommodate the desired cargo quantity and/or the required Trim cannot be achieved, appropriate messages are displayed.
Hydrostatic and Ship Data are based on Ships' Loading Manuals.

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