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Multiload for Windows Loading Program
Multiload for Windows Loading Program

MULTILOAD© for Windows is SMM (UK) Ltd.'s highly innovative loading software/instrument system to carry out the complex and tiresome ship loading calculations. It is one of the most efficient, yet friendly packages of the international shipping market. Today most ships, including newbuildings are equipped with Loading Instruments that just cover basic Class Requirements. MULTILOAD goes far beyond the basics, in order to become a major tool in the hands of Ship Operation and the Captain Onboard for more than 1000 vessels.
Maximize Your Vessels' Operational & Chartering Flexibility Onboard and in the Office: Specially Designed for Easy-Use, by the Master, Chief Officer. Proven Reliability, having Major Market Share in Greek Shipping Industry. Computer Based Training Availability. Both Fleet & Ship Versions for harmonized Office and Onboard use. Minimum system requirements 
MULTILOAD© can cover your needs: Available as Base Program, a self sustained loading package fully covering Class Requirements. The Base Program offers 43 functions (more than any other ship loading program in the market).  There are up to 50 MULTILOAD© Options to choose from, if cargoes need extra features or more specialization. Full support and free training to your masters and chief officers, before they join the vessels. Approved by ABS, LRS, NKK, BV, DNV, HRS, etc..
Covers all your Ship Operation Manuals: Trim and Stability, Grain Loading, Loading Manual,Loading and Unloading Sequence, Water Ballast Exchange Manuals.
Provides instantly technical information, such as: Capacities (grain, bale), Trimmed and Untrimmed Volumes, Max. Homogeneous Load, Grain Heeling Moments, Tank Top Areas, Tank Top/Deck Strength,Cargo Tank Ullage/Level Data.

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