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Oil Record Book Software
Oil Record Book Software

At the end of fiscal year 2016, the Department’s Environmental and Natural Resources Division imposed criminal penalties of more than $363 million in fines and more than 32 years of imprisonment from cases related to intentional discharges of pollutants from vessels.
Oil Record Book Software minimizes the margin for error in data entries to the Official Oil record Book.

SMM-eORB (Part I) Software consists of the first Electronic Record Book software, which is getting Type Approval certificate from DNV-GL globally.
LISCR, Cyprus, Singapore, Bahamas, Malta, Norway, Cayman Islands, Marshall Islands & Hong Kong Flag Administrations accept officially our software solution.

Oil Record Book (ORB) ® is the most complete and easy-to-use software assistant for creating valid entries for Oil Record Book – Part I (Machinery Space Operations), in compliance with MARPOL requirements, based on IOPP, Sludge Production, Incinerator Capacities.
The application is based on IMO’s guidance, for the recording of operations in the Oil Record Book Part I (Machinery Space Operations). Combining a clean, easy to use interface and a perpetual check of the remaining on board quantities for tanks included in vessel’s IOPP Certificate, ORB simplifies the creation of the desirable ORB entries while making sure they are valid.
The software is provided for both onboard and office use and it is accompanied by analytical guide for installation, training, guidance, as well as prompt support from SMM (UK) Ltd.
Offers special functions like: Authorization of officers for entries, Keeping Quantities Log of each IOPP tank, Commands and tools to create, delete, show and print ORB entries, View and check remaining on board tank quantities, Automatic warnings, such as the estimated day of overflow of an IOPP tank, Reminder for standard entries (ie: weekly inventory), Automatic check of entry correctness, Auto-flow rates can be set either at port or at sea, Automatic Check of Sludge Production Quantities, Automatic Warnings for User set limits, Ensuring consistency of the sequence of operations for the harmonization of quantities logistics, Insertion-Indication of E.T.A. and warning for collection of oil residues, Automatic Checks and validations during the insertion of entries, Print and preview filtered entries and export to PDF, Image backup of current ORB Entries, Familiarization of officers with record keeping as per applicable regulations, Automatic synchronization of data between vessel and office.

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