Heritage of SMM (UK) Ltd.

Our Heritage

We come from Chios, one of the most traditional seafaring islands of Greece and of the world. We have been raised to respect this strong heritage at sea.

The experiences related by the master mariners of the past generations have influenced us greatly. Continuing this tradition, Captain Alexandros P. Malliaroudakis has written his own memoirs in several books.

Building on this heritage and as a continuation of the family business in Maritime Studies established back in 1986, S.A. Malliaroudakis Maritime (UK) Ltd. was founded with the purpose of achieving a new vision: to provide the ship industry with a wide range of exclusive management tools, exploiting the most advanced marine and information technologies.

This millennium we entered a new era of creativity and expansion.

We work hard to enrich the international merchant marine community with our own contribution as experts in Naval Architecture, Marine Software and Ship Management Consultancy.

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