Heritage of SMM (UK) Ltd.

Our philosophy

  • Ship Specific Shipmanagement Software
  • Tailored to your Company's Policies/S.M.S.
  • Ship-To-Office Auto-Synchronization
  • Guaranteed Quality of Data Integrity & Methods Used by our Company (Est. in 1986)
  • Developed & Supported by Qualified Naval Architects and Software Engineers
  • As a 3rd Party, we offer full Claim Support
  • Clarity and Transparency based on official Shipyard's Documentation
  • Data Exchange Capability with your existing IT Systems
  • Lifetime After Sales Support
  • Ease in daily problem solving
  • 24hr Support and Service
  • Punctuality in terms of projects deadline
  • Availability Vessels' Records from our shelves
  • Incorporation / Implementation of Clients' Suggestions for Improvements into SMM Software
  • Training of Shore / Onboard Personnel, when requested
  • User Friendliness
  • Light, server-based applications operated by multiple users (clients) on a network

Ship specific approvals since 1986 granted by
Classification Societies