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Adjusting Cargo Weight
How to see Compartment Details?
Detailed Container Loading
Recall a saved Condition
Draft Restrictions
Change SF & BM Condition
Change Seawater Density
Selection of Ship
Change Cargo Weight easily
Auto-Trim Function
Cargo Distribution Function
Retrieve a stored condition
Cargo Loading Sequence with Report
Cargo Split & Auto Trim
Emptying & Full Filling of Compartments
Autoload Option
Departure-Arrival Calculation Option
Change Weight to Volume and reversingly
Compartment Details
Assignment of Compartments into Groups Option
Cargo Compartment Group Definitions
Auto Trim Option
Cargo Distribution Option
Detailed Tanker Loading Option
DWT Items
Warnings for exceeding Tank Top Strength
Stowage Factor Input
Check of Flooding URS-17
Fine Tuning Option
Adjusting Quantities Levels in Compartments
Change Cargo Volume easily
Detailed General Cargo Option
Stowage Factor Input for General Cargo
Cargo Selection