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SMM Ship Evaluation Service
SMM Ship Evaluation Service

The SMM SHIP EVALUATION i.e .: Hull Structure Rating and Onboard Inspection Program is offered by S.A. Malliaroudakis Maritime (UK) Ltd. to document the condition of a vessel with a Rating Scale of One to Four [1-Highest and 4-Lowest].
This evaluation is based on the Hull Structure Rating (Maximum Wastage Profile) as well as on the Condition of Main and Auxiliary Machinery Systems, Cargo Gear and Cargo Access Equipment, as found during our Onboard Inspection.
Well Maintained older tonnage with a Minimum Rating of 2 (documented good standard) is found to be more market friendly (in most cases) than younger tonnage that is not well maintained and that is judged solely by its age.
S.A. Malliaroudakis Maritime (UK) Ltd. is an independent company that offers this service to clients from a different perspective than the most detailed Condition Assessment Programs (CAP) offered by Classification Societies. Compared to CAP, SMM’s program is more cost efficient, less time consuming for the owners and is based on similar principles and methodologies.
Please refer to the next section for more specific advantages offered to both Owners and Ship Managers.
PART I. Hull Structure Rating: Maximum Wastage Profile, Relative Wastage Distribution Table-UTM Statistical Analysis, The Relative Wastage Ship Graphic.
PART II. Onboard Ship Inspection Program: The Onboard Inspection, Program focuses on the areas, Coating Condition Survey, Main and Auxiliary Machinery Systems, Cargo Gear Equipment, Cargo Access Equipment.

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