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SMM - Voyage Performance

The program is the solution for providing performance analysis and tracking for your entire fleet, offering shore-side managers extensive insight into historical, present and even future performance. It delivers analytics to manage assets more efficiently and improve operational and strategic decision-making.
It is easy to use and provides critical information when you need it. Whether you're monitoring in-progress or past voyages, SMM - Voyage Performance provides an integrated set of tools to help you manage your fleet to its full potential.
The SMM - Voyage Performance assists by establishing systematic records for the evaluation against Charter Party: fuel consumption calculation, time calculation, Charter Party claim and overall voyage assessment. Considering that in Charter Party (CP) agreements; speed and consumption warranties are incomplete or vaguely defined in engineering terms. Thus it has always been a challenge to determine whether ship performance is due to adverse external factors or due to a badly maintained engine system, giving rise to disputes between charterers and operators.
The main features of SMM - Voyage Performance software are as follows: Evaluation of the Voyage Performance against Charter Party terms and provisions, monitoring and reporting of basic parameters during the voyage, comparison against reference values under actual conditions, charter party terms and warranty conditions, Overall Voyage Assessment as Function of Fuel Consumption Calculation, Time Calculation, Charter Party Claims.

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