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Frequently Asked Questions for SMM Products

Oil Record Book Trainer Frequently Asked Questions
How The Chief Engineer Ensures That Disposal Method Of Sludge Is Recorded Correctly in ORB?

During the Development of the ship-specific Oil Record Book Trainer Software, all the disposal methods are defined for each Sludge Tank in the same way as described in the IOPP of each vessel. Consequently, the User is restricted from recording a wrong entry of disposal method for each tank.

How the Chief Engineer Ensures that Transfer from One Tank to Another is Feasible?

During the Development of the ship-specific Oil Record Book Trainer Software, all the connections between the tanks are determined as per the Piping Diagrams of each vessel. In that way, any unusual transfer between the IOPP tanks is prohibited.

How The Chief Engineer Ensures That The Produced Sludge Is In Line With Or More Than The Regulated/Expected One?

The software integrates all the appropriate algorithms for the calculation of the produced sludge from the weekly inventories of the IOPP Tanks, which in turn is compared to the expected/regulated one (1%-2% of DFOC), indicating if it is compliant or not using different colors.

How The Chief Engineer Ensures That The Syntax And Wording Of The Recorded Machinery Operation Is Correct?

The User of the software does not have to remember which Group corresponds to a particular operation; as such selection is facilitated by automatic indication of all the available Machinery Space Operations in a wizard environment, without required to memorize all the technicalities involved in that regulation. The printout of the software is identical printout to the Official Oil Record Book Hardcopy.

How The Chief Engineer Gets Notified About The Weekly Inventories?

There is warning for weekly inventories based on ETA to the next Port of Call and weekly calendar entries.


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