Our Contribution

Prompt response to clients' requirements and attention to detail is the key to success.

Operations Department

Our products aim to amongst others to improve chartering flexibility and maximum cargo intake. Also, we enhance other ship operations needs such as accurate and transparent voyage planning and performance.

Technical Department

Highly advanced solutions for vessels' monitoring from technical aspects based on end-to-end service from comparison of measurements against reference values to diagnostics through thorough troubleshooting.

Maritime Studies

Based on our long standing maritime heritage apart from the class requirements we give great priority on our client’s unique needs for tailor-made manuals and studies assuring compliance with the latest applicable regulations and best practices.

Discover your Needs

Find which SMM Products cover best your Ship's Needs and Requirements in Prefixture Decisions, in Port, at Sea, in Emergency Operations for your Technical, Operations, Chartering, Legal and Safety, Quality & Environmental Departments.

Our Software Products

We offer high quality, indispensible, reliable, highly tuned as per our industry's demands services and software products.

Ship specific approvals since 1986 granted by
Classification Societies