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About Us

S.A. MALLIAROUDAKIS MARITIME (UK) Ltd. is an in-house Marine Software and Maritime Consultancy Company that consists of qualified Naval Architects & Marine Engineers and Software & Electrical Engineers providing a wide range of software products and maritime studies & services for day-to-day operations of numerous Shipping Companies.

Being committed to improve your ships and operations is a goal stemming from a special dedication to our work and a deep understanding of our customers' needs.

S.A.MALLIAROUDAKIS MARITIME (UK) LTD, since 1986, has developed ship-specific software tools & services approved by all IACS members & flags focusing on prevention and proactivity aiming simultaneously to achieve regulatory compliance and maximization of operational vessels’ capabilities.

Initiatives & Company's Profile

  • Development of Ship Specific Tools - Software
  • SMM Emergency Response Service (on a 24 hour basis)
  • Services and Studies related to International Regulation Requirements
  • Design Work along with Class Approval Support
  • Improved efficiency of operations, judgement and communication.
  • Ease in daily problem solving.
  • Reliable After Sales Support.
  • Tuned to any Company’s S.M.S./Philosophy.
  • Developed based on ship-specific data.
  • Data Exchange Capability with your existing IT Systems.
  • 24hr Support and Service.
  • User Friendliness of SMM Products.
  • Punctuality in terms of projects deadline.
  • Personalized customer service.
  • Long-term and experienced staff.
  • Expertise with Class Approval & Requirements.
  • Availability of Vessels’ Records from our shelves.
  • Incorporation - Implementation of Clients’ Suggestions for Improvements into SMM Software.
  • Training of Shore - Onboard Personnel, when requested.
  • Designed to Work from Ship to Office with Auto-Synchronization.
  • Tailored to individual Company's Needs & Policy/S.M.S..
  • Guaranteed Quality of Data Integrity & Methods Used by our Company (Est. in 1986).
  • As a 3rd Party, we offer full Claim Support.
  • Lifetime After Sales Support.
  • Data Exchange Capability with each Company's existing IT Systems.
  • Clarity and Transparency based on official Shipyard’s Documentation.
  • Developed & Supported by Qualified Naval Architects and Software Engineers.
  • How the vessels’ operational & chartering flexibility can be maximizez?
  • How a Shipping Company and its vessels can be covered in times of crisis?
  • Power of Cargo Maximization (avoiding cargo shortages, vessels delays, economic losses).
  • Charterers requirements (ie. Confirm Cargo/Pre-Stow Plans the soonest).
  • How many steel coils each vessel can load?
  • Can a vessel withstand loading rate of 16,000 tonnes/hour?
  • What about a combination of cargo loader, air draft & port draft restrictions?
  • How much are the Bunkers Quantities received onboard?
  • Are the Oil Record Book Entries correct?
  • How do the vessels perform?
  • How can Regulatory Compliance be ensured?
Milestones of SMM (UK) Ltd.

Key Parameters

  • Manual is incorporated in each Program with detailed & extensive Instructions
  • Distant Training
  • Direct Replies to Email of Masters / Chief Officers / Chief Engineers with Cc to your good Company
  • User Friendliness of Software Interface with a brief description of required actions
  • SMM Software is tailored to your company’s policy/S.M.S. meaning minor ISM/SMS alterations.
  • Just a quick reference to the SMM Software in place and their Manual Contents in ISM is, often, common and effective practice for the majority Shipping Companies.
  • Light, server-based applications running exclusively on Windows operating system environments.
  • SMM Software can be operated by multiple users (clients) on a network.
  • Sync Mechanism requires email access or data import path for the whole fleet or a desired path for each vessel.

Our Heritage

We come from Chios-Oinousses, the origin of an unusual cluster of successful ship-owning families. We have been raised to respect this strong & heritage at sea.

S.A. Malliaroudakis Maritime (UK) Ltd. was founded with the purpose of achieving a new vision: to provide the shipping industry with a wide range of exclusive management tools, exploiting the most advanced marine and information technologies.

The mixture of our concentrated experience, professionalism, expertise, after sales support and commitment made us highly responsive to shifts in patterns of new shipping industry era, being always linked to our national ownership base and maintaining simultaneously an innovative approach.

Heritage of SMM (UK) Ltd.
Key Figures of SMM (UK) Ltd.

Our Inspiration

The source of our inspiration and our drive for achievement derive from the deep understanding of Operators' needs, mindset and challenges, as being expressed on a daily basis more than 30 years.

Our products were trusted by more than 4,000 vessels, an achievement, which proves the quality of our work over time as well as the achievement of better alignment of stakeholders interests.

The perpetual quest for amplifying our contribution to the evolvement of shipping industry rendered us the best providers of tools for the right commercial and operational decisions.

Board of Directors

What distinguishes our products is the attitude we have cultivated towards our work, which is mainly powered by our love and joy to the appreciation of our tasks, forming in that way a seamless bond across our team.

Ship specific approvals since 1986 granted by
Classification Societies