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Clean Hull Savings Calculator ®
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Clean Hull Savings Calculator® software allows the operator to calculate systematically the impact of the increased hull roughness and assist in the decision making process.

The solver is based on ship-specific algorithms, which estimate the loss of speed and increase of power by interpreting the findings of underwater inspection. The software allows the operator to derive the relative gain ($/year) in deciding hull cleaning or new coating application based on underwater inspection.

Features of the Clean Hull Savings Calculator for vessel and office application:
  • Increase of Power.
  • Speed Loss.
  • Relative Gain after works.
  • Payback Time.
  • R.O.I.
  • Print-out options.
  • In-house development.
  • Automatic synchronization of data between vessel and office.

Benefits of the Clean Hull Savings Calculator :
  • Techno-economic Decision Process.
  • Consistent Methodology.
  • Scope of Works.
  • Financial Appraisal.

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