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Draft Survey Online Software
Draft Survey Online Software

Draft Survey Online software is an essential add-on to appropriate hardware (system of tanks/C.H. sensors) that contributes to achieving robust and real time monitoring onboard vessel of loading/unloading operations based on distance sensors' measurements and wireless data transmission online to a Central Unit for further online processing.
Draft Survey Online software processes the signals from sensors and generates in turn real time values at design draft reading marks positions, in order to have log of actual drafts occurred in certain loading/unloading operation.
In that way, real time cargo loading/unloading quantity is being assessed along with the displacement, mean draft, trim, list, Deflection, Air Draft from Radar Mast, Air Draft from Hatches, propeller immersion.
Particularly, concerning cargo operation monitoring, based on the desired cargo determination, current and rest cargo quantities are defined with indication of elapsed time, expected completion of charging/discharging operation and cargo rates for last 10/20/60 min.
Also, the software allows the user to set restrictions in terms of Load Zone and Port Draft and Air Draft from Hatches and Radar Mast Restrictions as warnings for the whole monitoring of operation.

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