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Draft Survey Instrument
Draft Survey Instrument

Loaded/Unloaded cargo quantities disputes are notoriously difficult to resolve and a satisfactory outcome will rely heavily on evidence provided by a ship's crew. Detailed and correct documentation is vital.
Draft Survey Instrument Software ensures clarity and transparency based on official shipyards documentation, guaranteed by our 30-year experience and reliability.
Draft Survey Instrument Software tracks records of cargo shortages and constant weights based on Draft Surveys on receiving a Bill of Lading or shore scale figures for any Heel/Trim/Drafts based on the vessel's Sounding/Ullage tables.
Features of Draft Survey Instrument© for vessel and office use alike: Improved efficiency of operations, judgement and communication, Automatic corrections for Density, Trim and Heel, Automatic synchronization of data between vessel and office, History of constants weights, User-friendly draft survey calculation program, Elimination of mathematical mistakes due to shortage of time.

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