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Multitask Ship Management Software
Multitask Ship Management Software

Multitask© is SMM (UK) Ltd.'s response for an easy to use and easy to implement Ship Management Software. In Multitask© the main focus is to develop practical solutions to specific ship management tasks. With Multitask© you acquire the modules that best fit to your own way of work, while covering your own ship management requirements. It consists of 4 optional Modules. Every Multitask module is offered on an annual fee basis per vessel.
Multitask is Easy to Use: Every module always starts with an overview of your entire fleet, Software is designed for office use avoiding extra work-load on seafarers, Fleet based reporting system providing for each vessel Warning Indicators for overdue surveys, recommendations, maintenance items etc, There is no requirement for all ship systems to be monitored.
The 4 Modules of program are the folowing:
SPARE PARTS MODULE: Full control of spare parts inventory, Simple & fast data entry for each Supplier’s quotation & enquires, Advanced comparison tables for the selection of the best offer, Full monitoring & follow up of Supplier’s Confirmation Order, Multi currency feature available, Reports of the spare parts delivered on board regarding cost, dates of delivery etc.
SHIP MAINTENANCE MODULE: Instant reporting of overdue PMS jobs, Easy creation of the primary & final system configuration, Full monitoring of each PMS job & of unscheduled maintenance, Tracking of each PMS execution, Full coloured bar charts of PMS status presentation, Tabular presentation of PMS jobs.
SURVEY STATUS MODULE: Complete monitoring & follow up of all Survey Requests, Full monitoring of Remarks/Recommendations, Full colored presentation-bar charts of your survey status per vessel, Capability of describing important data (port, class surveyors, agents etc.), Cost estimation & complete monitoring of your payments.
MANNING MODULE: Full monitoring of all crew members including rank, experience, certification, medical records, etc, Presentation of the crew history of the vessel as well as crew list with statistical results, Validation of crew certificates as per ministry requirements, Ability to create crew evaluation according to your needs for more efficient monitoring of the abilities of your crew.

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