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Ocean Way Express Mobile App
Ocean Way Express Mobile App

Ocean Way Express is an innovative mobile application for iOS and Android, that uses Artificial Intelligence Technology (AI) -the first of its kind- designed specifically to help every bulk carrier operator respond to a charterer easily and instantly about the availability of a vessel to carry out a specific chartering case.
The operator can input all the necessary details of the chartering case, like loading/discharging ports, cargo quantity (including “more or less” percentage), Load Zones (with the maximum known ROB weights throughout each zone), several points of interest with their restrictions (port and/or air draft restrictions) and their known ROB weights.
The application will calculate the maximum cargo intake value that covers all the specific restrictions of the chartering case and will instantly inform the operator if the resulted cargo intake meets the requirements of the charterer. Also, the application (FULL VERSION) using AI will propose on demand one or more stowage plans for the maximum cargo intake or any given cargo quantity, making sure that Shear Forces / Bending Moments are low and Stability is adequate. Further the online library favors Even Keel Trims, excluding any use of Ballast in order to maximize cargo intake. Finally, the generated stowage plan report can be forwarded directly to the Master for review / verification on the vessel’s approved loading instrument.

Ocean Way Express application offers the following benefits to its user:

1. Deadweight Scale Calculations that calculate detailed results for any given Draft, Cargo or DWT.

2. Optimal Stowage Plan Generator using AI for single Bulk Cargo Loadings.

3. Creation of detailed new Chartering Cases and instant calculation of Maximum Cargo Intake that covers all given restrictions.

4. Comprehensive Reports (PDF) to be forwarded to any of your mobile contacts through e-mail, Viber, Skype etc.

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