Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for SMM Products

Frequently Asked Questions for SMM products
Bunker Survey Frequently Asked Questions

How Transparency and Clarity are Ensured in Bunkers Survey Software?

It is based on official shipyards documentation, guaranteed by our 30-year experience and reliability.

How the Ship/Shore Communication Consistency is Ensured?

In every onboard use of software, automatic synchronization of data between vessel and office is effected. 

Besides above automatic data/entries synchronization, there is, also, the option, the entries to be exported and imported on every installed software. 

The office version as fleet based, includes the list of the whole fleet and the user can select a certain vessel in order to examine further her records.


How the SMM Bunkers Survey Software is correlated with Monitoring Reporting and Verification Scheme?

M.R.V. Accepts B.D.N.and Bunkers R.O.B. as evidence, ie:  

“Part A of Annex I to Regulation (EU) 2015/757 provides that CO2 emissions should be calculated by multiplying emission factors and fuel consumption which is determined by monitoring methods A (BDN and periodic stock takes of fuel tanks), B (bunker fuel tank monitoring on board”

Therefore, an indispensable tool for supporting M.R.V. monitoring methods (“A” & “B”) is SMM Bunkers Survey Software.

Ship specific approvals since 1986 granted by
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