Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for SMM Products

Frequently Asked Questions for SMM products
EU MRV Reporting Software Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the competitive advantage of that software against the rival ones?

E.U. M.R.V. Reporting Software allows the preservation of the existing reporting Company forms with the appropriate in-house customization of the program.

Also, it is a care free software that does not require User's Data Input.



Which are the additional benefits that arise from that software?

This software ensures harmonization of the daily reported ship consumption figures with the upcoming reported emitted amounts in line with the MRV Scheme, given that data input is derived from the daily vessel’s standard reporting.

Also, consistent recording of the voyages records is provided along with graphs of crucial KPIs (ie. EEOI, ESI, etc.).

What data does the E.U. M.R.V. reporting software support?

All supporting plan data needed to produce the approved MRV annual report is stored within the NS database including:

- Monitoring plan data (Plan ID, version, approval date, monitoring method, etc.)

- MRV Verifier Company Information

- Vessel Operator contact information

Ship specific approvals since 1986 granted by
Classification Societies