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Ship’s Girder Deflection-DWT Gain/Loss ®
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The Ship’s Girder Deflection-DWT Gain/Loss software apart from the typical Girder Deflection due to longitudinal Bending Moment incorporates the thermal deflection at midships due to air-sea water temperature difference, generating the draughts of deflected vessel.

This is especially important when navigating at Plimsoll marks in cold waters (e.g. North Atlantic) with sun. In this condition the Hogging of the Hull is increased (or the Sagging is reduced) as the deck is warmed up with the sun radiation.

Offers special functions for vessel and office application like:
  • DWT Gain/Loss due to Sagging/Hogging.
  • Adjusted Draughts of Deflected Vessel and comparison to the ones in rigid state.
  • Deflection at Midship.
  • Thermal Deflection.
  • Print-out.
  • In-house development.
  • Automatic synchronization of data between vessel and office.

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