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Steel Coils Loading Software
Steel Coils Loading Software

Steel cargoes continue to generate a significant number of claims and in view of the huge trade in steel products, claims involving such cargoes are unlikely to die out, but there are a number of simple preventative measures which can be taken and which, if performed properly, should go a long way towards avoiding such claims, or enabling a strong defence to be mounted. Steel Coils Loading Software provides instantaneous check of your good vessel's steel coils loading capability, tank top loading and provision of stowage plan for several types of coils (length, diameter, weight) for each cargo hold.
Bulk Carriers able to load steel coils and built as per Common Structural Rules (CSR) from 2006 onwards, can benefit as follows:
1. The new CSR version of steel coils loading software applicable to all bulk carriers with date of built 2006 is accepted by ALL IACS MEMBERS. This fact greatly streamlines the usual disputes raised between charterers / owners.
2. The new version allows higher steel coil loading on tank top. Especially for coils heavier than 20MT.
3. Similar to our previous steel coils version, apart from the Maximum Allowable Steel Coils Loading, we also provide the Actual Steel Coils Loading option.
4. For Stowage Plan purposes the new version print outs, include tables showing for each Cargo Hold weight, number of coils per row/tier and corresponding centers of gravity.

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