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Manuals-Studies-Services & Plans as per Solas / TMSA 3 / ISM / MARPOL / IACS / Port State Control Requirements & Ship Management Consultancy
Manuals-Studies-Services & Plans as per Solas / TMSA 3 / ISM / MARPOL / IACS / Port State Control Requirements & Ship Management Consultancy

SMM (UK) Ltd. provides Services and Studies related to International Regulation Requirements and DESIGN WORK along with PLAN APPROVAL. In particular, STABILITY & STRENGTH MANUALS, Conversions, Ship Management Consultancy, Manuals - Studies & Plans as per SOLAS / MARPOL / IACS / Port State Control Requirements and ISM-related studies/manuals and other Naval Architectural and Marine Engineering projects.
We offer superior products based on our powerful technical know-how & experience, taking into account your vessel's trading needs and offering prompt delivery time. We possess fully computerized procedures developed in-house and great experience in plan approval support with all Classification Societies.
Stability & Strength Manuals: Longitudinal Strength Manuals, Trim & Stability Booklets, Grain Loading Manuals, Container Loading Manuals, Timber Loading Manuals, Damage Stability For Dry / Tanker / Chemical Carriers.
Manuals-Studies & Plans As Per Solas / MARPOL / IACS / Port State Control Requirements & Other Studies: EU MRV - Monitoring Plan, Fire Control Plans (IMO Symbols), Damage Control Plans, Cargo Securing Manuals, Fire Safety Training Manuals, Maintenance Plan For Fire Protection Systems And Appliances, Operational Booklets, International Ship & Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code), Inventory Of Life Saving Appliances And Record Of Maintenance, Safety Training Manuals, Water Ballast Management Plans, Loading And Unloading Sequence Manuals, International Tonnage Measurement 1969 (GRT & NRT), Biofouling Management Plans, , ISPS/SSP, VECS, Panama Canal Visibility Tables, Garbage Management Plan, Air Draft & Deadweight Tables, SOPEP, PCSOPEP, IACS URS-26, IACS URS-27 , IACS URS-30 , IACS URS-31 – Main Hold Frame Analysis And Report, VRP, NTVRP, Calibration Of Tanks, Recovery Of Persons From Water, VGP, SEEMP , Steel Coils/Slabs-Billets Loading, Deeper Draft Assignment (B-60), Emergency Towing Booklet, Deck Cargo Loading, Mooring Modifications For New Panama Canal Authorities Requirements.
Conversions: Conversion For Car Carrier To Bulk Carrier, Conversion Of Existing Ships For Container Loading, Conversion Of Product Carriers To Chemical IMO III Carriers, Tween Deck Removal (Conversion To Single Decker), Upgrading Of Stack Weight For Container Loading, Cargo Gear Upgrading.
Ship Management Consultancy : New Building Specification Appraisal, Consultancy On Classification Matters, Salvage Analysis For Grounding /Stranding / Collisions, Towing Analysis, Design Reassessment Of Hull Scantling, Our Ship Database At Your Service, Design Reassessment Of Hull Scantling, Trouble Shooting Consultancy, New General Arrangement & Capacity Plans For Any Ship Type, Salvage Claims Support, ISM/ISO Consultancies, Risk Assessment.

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