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EU MRV Reporting Software ®
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In reference to MRV Compliance and more specifically the Reporting Scheme, kindly note that development of an MRV-Specific Software for fully automatic generation of Emissions Reports in line with EU Commission requirements is provided based on the applicable/published EU templates. Also, please consider that the mentioned software ensures harmonization of the daily reported ship consumption figures with the upcoming reported emitted amounts in line with the MRV Scheme, given that data input is derived from the daily vessel's standard reporting.

Further, please note that this stand alone software could be combined besides the electronic reporting templates for seamless input of necessary variables/parameters, with the voyage performance which, amongst others, allows very accurate and transparent evaluation of the daily reported ship consumption and speed figures.

Offers special functions for vessel and office application like:
  • MRV Ready.
  • Monitoring Plan Specific.
  • In line with EU templates.
  • Consistent Voyage Records.
  • Print-out.
  • In-house development.
  • Automatic synchronization of data between vessel and office.

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